We recently traveled by air with our toddler to spend 3 days in Phoenix, Arizona in September 2018.

It was around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) during the day and we decided that it would be wise to spend as much time indoors as we could to escape the heat.

I had done some research before and discovered that there was a LEGOLAND Discovery Center not too far from our resort. Needless to say, it became a must-visit for us.

Here are the top 3 things that we learned firsthand about visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

1. Buy the ticket online in advance but don’t get the combo.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is actually situated in a fantastic location in a mall. It is exactly opposite SEA LIFE aquarium and not far from a Rainforest Cafe. If you have read our previous post on our experience at a Rainforest Cafe, you will understand why we love it. Visiting the LEGOLAND Discovery Center and its neighbor attractions are a good option if you want a full day out with young kids.

Now, onto tickets.

We love good deals and as usual, we looked online to see if there were any special deals for tickets to LEGOLAND Discovery Center. At the time of our online research, we found that the best deal was still to be found on the LEGOLAND Discovery Center’s website itself. The Online Saver ticket is advertised as being $19.95 but there is a 25% discount on the website that renders the ticket only $14.95.

There is also the Combo Experience ticket $24.95 and the Ultimate Combo Experience ticket $29.95 options which allow you entry into SEA LIFE aquarium just across the hallway but even if you planned to go to these two attractions together, we would not suggest that you purchase these combo tickets online.

Why? We discovered that LEGOLAND Discovery Center often has a special walk-in agreement with SEA LIFE aquarium that gives you entry into the SEA LIFE aquarium for an additional $5 only. So this means that by walking into LEGOLAND Discovery Center with your Online Saver ticket and then paying an extra $5 at the door for SEA LIFE aquarium, you would be saving $5!

So please do buy your LEGOLAND Discovery Center ticket online but don’t get the combo tickets.

2. It’s fantastic for younger kids, not so much for older kids.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a much, much smaller version of the LEGOLAND Theme Park. There are a lot more bigger rides in the Theme Park but in the Discovery Center, there are only 2 mini rides.

Nevertheless, the Discovery Center has lots of LEGO play areas and different types of LEGO blocks for free play and is truly fun for younger kids.

There is a crash test zone where you can test the speed of your LEGO-built cars. There is also a dino zone where kids can learn how to make dinosaur creations. On top of this, there is a 4D cinema and a LEGO friends zone, among other play areas.

The play areas are all housed in an indoor area and provides enough entertainment and engagement for toddlers and grade school kids which is perfect if you have younger kids. However, older kids who want more adrenaline-filled rides might lose interest in the place after a while.

3. Your ticket gives you multiple entry. So you can leave to eat and come back.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center has a cafe but you are also allowed to bring food in with you. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel like bringing your own snacks or eating at the cafe, you can always ask for a hand stamp at the entrance and go out into the mall to eat at the restaurants there and then come back in to keep playing.

That’s right, the LEGOLAND Discovery Center is housed in a mall with lots of eating options and there is also free parking just outside the mall!

Your LEGOLAND Discovery Center allows you multiple entry access into the Discovery Center so don’t hesitate to ask for it.

We had a really good time at LEGOLAND Discovery Center and it was worth going. We continue to be LEGO fans!