I believe that if you parent with love and are open to learning better ways to parent, it automatically qualifies you as an awesome parent.

However, without a doubt, there are some pretty life-changing items that I have purchased that have made it so much easier for me to be an awesome parent.

Here is my list.

Tools For Teaching/Home-Schooling

1. Color Printer

Having a color printer at home makes it 10x easier to produce teaching materials for your child. For example, when I wanted to teach my child about the times table, I went onto Google and looked up ‘times table’ images. There were so many; colored ones, some with pictures, some with complicated arrangements and some were just plain and simple.

I definitely think that it is worth it to splurge a little and get a color printer. Colors are more engaging and eye-catching and is especially effective for kids.

And there are so many things worth printing. I have printed out the periodic table, the world map, the human muscular system, to name a few. My child loved looking at all of them.

2. Laminator

I am biased about this item. I have always wanted a laminator ever since I saw what they could do. A laminator not only makes things look professional, but it has a lot of other uses including:

  • Turning printed material into color marker-friendly resources that your little one could use as ‘wipe-clean’ pages
  • Making bookmarks and other crafts
  • Making cards
  • Making signs like Lemonade Stand signs or garage sale signs
  • Making printed materials last longer.

I try to laminate almost everything that I print for my child now as it then lasts longer and she can draw or color on it with washable markers.

I used to think that laminators were too expensive to afford until I started to look at their prices and was surprised by how affordable laminators were. I will never give up my laminator now.