We treat you as Family. We openly share the tips, tricks and techniques that we learn the hard (and sometimes, thankfully easy) way on how to raise kids who are successful, entrepreneurial and STEM-smart, We examine the many different ways for kids to make money and also share our favorite STEM activities for kids.

Some of our authors include:

Angelina LeBrick

Angelina is an online entrepreneur, editor, wife and full-time mom of an amazing girl, Sophia. She fell in love with her daughter the second she was born and this is a lucky thing because Sophia takes up almost all her time (her husband, work and friends take up the rest). During the limited time that Angelina finally gets a break during the day, Angelina enjoys reading, watching Netflix or Amazon Prime, eating and surfing social media. To keep her brain cells alive, she also spends time doing copious amounts of reading, researching and blogging. She loves entrepreneurship, her family and God (not necessarily in that order).

Mr LeBrick

Mr LeBrick is married to Mrs LeBrick and contributes to this project because Mrs LeBrick asked him to. He is otherwise, a doting husband and father, loves travel, LEGO and playing tricks on Baby LeBrick and Mrs LeBrick. He also enjoys STEM projects- the bigger the mess, the better.