I am NOT naturally tech savvy. I wish I was but I am not. Thank goodness that Bluehost makes it much, much easier for anyone (including kids or clueless adults like me) to start your own website and/or blog. It is also reasonably priced but the BEST PART? It actually has 24/7 Technical Support through online chat if you need it. THIS IS GOLD. I would sign up for any website hosting company that provides that kind of support because if you are like me, YOU WILL USE IT. The first time I set it up, I contacted them multiple times every time I didn’t understand something and they normally fixed it on the spot for me. Of course, most people don’t need it but if you do, you have this option. Use Bluehost!


Canva makes it really easy for you to make your graphics look glamorous. Whether it’s Pinterest photos, Instagram or Facebook banners, Canva has preset templates already to make it really easy for you. And most of it is free!